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Mell's Desserts

Hello and welcome to Mell’s Desserts! I'm Mellissa and I'm passionate about baking and Mental Health!

I love baking and come from a family who are passionate about cooking and baking! I remember mum and I having our pretend cooking show when I was little, Mummy and Milly’s cooking show was great fun! 

The idea of Mell’s Desserts came early 2018 when my administration job was changing and was becoming challenging.  By the end 2018 I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety where I was signed off from work; it wasn’t until I made my daughter’s birthday cake , I knew I wanted to include mental health in with my desserts, I just didn’t know how or if that was even a thing I could do!

Baking soon became a coping mechanism and I learnt to calm myself down through breathing exercises and meditation. 

Now I am a Meditation Teacher and I host Wellbeing Workshops, empowering people with the art of Self Care, Self Love and Self Worth.

If you would like to know more on what I do, please feel free to contact me.

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Mell’s Safe Space was birthed from a place of my own vulnerability. 

I felt forced to sit and be still in my vulnerability; I had to sit within myself and find a mindful solution to seek inner peace.

I prayed and mediated and kept doing this, even through the tears. There were moments when I could only call out to God for help.

When I was feeling strong enough, I had designed my own self-help tool called How Are You? This tool kit I have shared on my first Instagram live. I asked myself how I was and wrote down everything! I analysed, reflected and started to let go!


Mell’s Safe Space Resources are for those individuals to reach out; when people are ready to change and ready to heal. I  am happy to sit with individuals to teach meditation and breathing techniques, I can sign post you to services and therapists that we could agree on together, that could further support your healing journey through wellbeing.


I have an online questionnaire for you to complete if you were looking for me to support you.


*Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor or a Therapist; I have life experience that I can share with you.

This service is for 18 year olds and above.

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