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I do have a variety of Cheesecakes and they are all baked, flavours include:

Apple Crumble cheesecake

As I love Apple Crumble and cheesecake, I hunted this recipe and I have tweaked it so it is my very own recipe! The base is ginger and digestive biscuit. On top of the biscuits lay stewed apples, cooked in vanilla essence and spices. On top of the apples goes the cream cheese mixture and then you’ll get the crisp crumble topping! 

Vanilla Cheesecake – The base can be either shortbread or made with a crisp plain flour base. The filling is cream with vanilla bean paste running through it.

Chocolate Cheesecake

This creamy chocolaty cheesecake is definitely for the chocolate lover! Full of indulgence the base is made from Maryland Cookies.

Bailey’s Cheesecake (Bailey’s cheesecake is grated with dark chocolate) – This cheesecake is used with The Original Bailey’s but if you’d prefer another flavour please feel free to contact me. Its creamy and velvety smooth made with a shortbread biscuit base. 

Strawberry Cheesecake

This cheesecake is made with fresh strawberries crushed and runs through the creamy velvety mixture.  This base is also made with a flour or shortbread biscuit base.

More Info

Cake tin size ranges from 16cm – 26cm 6 – 10 inches 
Cheesecakes start at £30 (Apple crumble cheesecake starts at £35)
If you’d like a cheesecake that isn’t listed above, please message me and we’ll work on something together!

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