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I started my meditation journey a couple of months after I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I always thought I wasn't meditating correctly and couldn't sit still and concentrate. 

After gaining insight on meditation techniques, I soon found a sense of peace within and wanted to search deeper within for the tranquility I craved. 

With practice and focus I continued to meditate daily finding that meditation really works! I then decided that I wanted to teach meditation to others and help them gain clear sight and support people with their own journey.

Meditating on Beach

Mell's Meditation Tribe

My purpose is to support people with finding peace within; teaching others to focus on the breath and breathe through any situation or feeling, by staying in the present moment.

I have designed my meditation practice to support individuals who are new or who struggle with meditation.

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I am hosting meditation sessions for adult beginners. 

Meditation has been around for 1000's of years, helping people to stay in the moment, calm the mind, and to help with concentration.  

There are many health and wellbeing benefits to meditation, these include:

  • Better sleep quality 

  • Improve concentration

  • Studies show that meditation can lower blood pressure over time.

  • Increase in positivity 

  • Improves creativity 

  • Reduces negative feelings

  • Reduces anxiety 

I will be hosting my sessions at my local community centre. The sessions will be an hour once a month. I will start the session with meditation exercises, techniques and will ask any questions you may have.  To end each session I will do a guided meditation.

Tickets are available on Eventbrite get your tickets here from 30th November:

Meditation Dates: 22nd December 2023

January Dates TBC

Venue: Lees Spiritual Healing, 38 High St, E17 7LD

When you purchase a ticket you'll receive 10% off Mell's Desserts products, merchandise and services!  Get your tickets now! (Discount code will be sent to email address after you purchase your ticket on Eventbrite.)


Tai Chi Class

Get in touch

If you struggle with meditation or are new to meditation. Then please get in touch!

Classes will be starting soon!!

Prices and dates are to be confirmed.

Please email

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