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New Year, Putting 2021 Behind Us and Looking To 2022

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Hello Everyone and welcome to 2022!

I hope the festivities and season cheers weren’t stressful or a sad time for you? It’s always a difficult time of year in one way or the other.

I always fear the 1st January I was always full of fear and dread.

Who was going to die this year? What’s going to happen this year? What will this year bring for the family? What will happen to the world?

What is there to look forward to this year?

This year I changed my mindset, instead of filling my thoughts with negativity and dread, I started using affirmations to change my outlook on my life and coming year. Pushing the past year out of my mind and looking forward to all that is to come.

When I heard the news that my aunt passed away suddenly, this past weekend, my first thoughts were see I knew something bad would happen! What else will happen this week, month and year? I then analysed it and thought let me look at it differently, it was her time to go, it just happened to be now. I thought of how loved she is and her energy! Wow! What a wonderful spirited woman, she always laughed and saw the good, was never judgemental or critcal, ( or what I saw) She loved us through her giving us food, a plate of dinner. Her laugh contagious her smile warm and inviting. Whoever you were to her she was a Mother, Sister, Aunty, Grandma and friend all in one with the biggest heart ever. I will always hold my memories of her close, that’s how I got through this week. Remembering her dancing, and enjoying herself, enjoying life no matter what it threatened her with. She overcame the stroke, but God called her home.

I now have to remain positive dig deep within and keep going for her sake and those who passed before her. I have a mustard seed of hope that I cling onto everyday and with that comes faith. I was Baptised October 2021 I decided to dedicate or give my life to Christ as I felt I couldn’t go through life on my own. What I mean is, I tried and failed at my own judgements and decsion making and felt that the Scripture I was reading reasonated with me. Every time I prayed or had conversations with God, He guided my steps and heard my prayers. Below are some of the scriptures I say when feeling anxious or in doubt.

  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

  • My eyes are fixed on you Lord

  • I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done.

  • The Lord is my light and Salvation.

These could be affirmations too! Below is a list of affirmations I said January 1st, but I will say them at the beginning of every month!


  • The past cannot be changed.

  • Everyone’s journey is different, I appreciate my journey.

  • This is the year of abundance and joy!

  • As we enter this new year, I release all negative thoughts and feelings, I welcome exciting new changes, new adventures, and opportunities to grow.

  • I am walking in my purpose.

  • I release the anxieties I feel.

  • I am deserving.

  • I am loved.

  • I welcome new healthy and positive relationships into my life.

  • I am healing and working on me.

  • I am making positive progress everyday.

  • I am amazing.

  • I am capable of achieving my fullest potential.

By saying affirmations we are subconsciously changing our mindset and confirming what we want to be true. Speaking out our truths for God and or Universe to start putting together our manifestations. Believe it or not, it does work there’s a couple of conditions though.

  1. You have to believe in yourself and a Higher Power for it to work (by believing in a Higher Power, it’s putting it out there to the Universe.)

  2. You have to believe in the thing or things you want to change subconsciously. (In other words, you have to believe in what you’re saying with all your might and being! And repeat it numerous times a day.)

What positivity are you putting out there this year?

I can’t believe it’s halfway through the month already! In the next couple of weeks it’ll be February! That reminds me, my Wellbeing Workshops on Self Care, Self Love and Self Worth are in February! Visit my Wellbeing Workshops Page

My Workshops are designed to encourage, empower and support individuals who are seeking to gain innerstanding of thy true self. It all starts from within and it all starts with self. To Care, Love and know your Worth is so important to innerstand our truest selves so we can all lead a balanced and rounded lifestyle. All three events are 2hrs 30 minutes long, packed filled with information, exercises, and topics of discussion and they each have a guest speaker joining. Tickets are on Sale at Eventbrite links to all three workshops are below:

Self Care

Self Love

Self Worth

Are you ready to find your inner Self? Sign up now!

As always keep going, you’ve got this! You’re doing great!

Mell X

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