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Mell's Safe Space Wellbeing Workshops

Self Care Wellbeing Workshop

This workshop will explore what Self Care is, the behaviours we have to adapt to in promoting the health and active management of the daily practices and choices for a balanced lifestyle. 


Self Love Wellbeing Workshop

This workshop will explore what Self Love is and looking at how to love and accept yourself for the real you flaws too! The real meaning behind love of self, truly exploring the depths of you as an individual, body image and self love affirmations are included.

Self Worth Wellbeing Workshop

This workshop will explore the depths of your own values and opinions. Yes you matter, no person is above you or beneath you. You are just as important than that man or woman next to you. 

Exploring your innerstanding; your internal sense of being enough, worthy and deserving of love and belonging from yourself and others.


My workshops are designed to 

empower, encourage, and to support your own self discovery; giving individuals techniques and guidance to innerstand the true self, going on to leading a balanced lifestyle. 

The three wellbeing workshops may sound very familiar and may overlap in some areas, but they are very different.

Are you you ready to embark on this journey with me to gain your own innerstanding to your true self? 

My Selfless Journey 

I have been on my Selfless Journey from 2019, after experiencing a 10 year relationship breakdown and being diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

I had to start again and get to know my true self.

Once I started to find my inner self, everything started to become clear.

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