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Baked with love...

Hello I'm Mellissa,


Welcome to Mell's Desserts Ltd.

My company is more than a Desserts brand;  I promote Self Care and I'm also a Certified Meditation Teacher.  

After experiencing anxiety and depression in the past, I am an advocate for mental health.


I have combined my passion for baking with mental health and soon came to realise that Desserts spelt backwards is Stressed!


My desserts are all made with love and made to order with fresh and premium ingredients.


Take your time to explore my website. You never know what you'll might find to support yourself or your loved one's healing journey.



By wearing a Mell's Desserts T-shirt or Apron you are bringing mental health awareness to light.

Mell's T-shirts represent the darkness and the words present the light, be the light in your life and shine!

To support you on your journey of self care, I have affirmation jars to place your very own affirmations in, they all come with 4 inch California White Sage stick.

(Each jar are blessed and infused by me before they are shipped to you.)


Mell's Safe Space


Mell's Safe Space Resources

I am both Mell's Desserts and Mell's Safe Space.

When I am not baking in the kitchen, I like to deliver workshops on Self Care, Self Love, and Self Worth.

I am also passionate about supporting others through their difficulty with anxiety and depression; I am able to sign post individuals to holistic therapy and NHS Services. As a Meditation Teacher I am able to teach breathing exercises and meditation techniques.

My service is designed for individuals over the age of 18 who are seeking support for their anxiety and depression. 

I have a questionnaire for individuals to fill out.

Online booking is now available

Click learn more for full information and how to contact me to book.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or therapist and I am not a trained medical professional. I am able to sign post individual's to NHS services, therapists and holistic therapy.


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