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Baked with love...

Welcome to Mell’s Desserts !

The idea for Mell's Desserts came about before I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression in 2018.

It wasn't until I made my daughter's 4th birthday cake, when I realised that baking was my coping mechanism; I wanted to incorporate baking with mental health. I didn't know how or if that was something I could do!

So here it is, Mell's Desserts is where I specialise in desserts and dessert type cakes and I'm a mental health advocate promoting mental health awareness.

My desserts and cakes are for collection only when ordering and I do ship Merchandise to where you are!



By wearing a Mell's Desserts T-shirt or Apron you are bringing mental health awareness to light.

Mell's T-shirts represent the darkness and the words present the light, be the light in your life and shine!

To support you on your journey of self care, I have affirmation jars to place your very own affirmations in, they all come with 4 inch California White Sage stick.

(Each jar are blessed and infused by me before they are shipped to you.

Leave a one-time $10 donation

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Mell's Safe Space

Support Group

Mell's Safe Space Resources

Mell’s Safe Space is for people to reach out to me; when they are ready to change and are ready to heal. I can sit with you, I can also listen to you, or I can sign post you to services/therapists that we can agree on together, that could possibly support you further with your healing journey through wellbeing.

I offer a service different from a Doctor or a Therapist, instead I have life experience that I can share with you  and this service is for 18 year olds and above. 

Online booking is now available

Click learn more for full information and how to contact me to book.


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