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How Not to Worry and Stop Anxiety

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing well? can you believe it we are approaching the end of

the year already? Christmas is literally around the corner and the new year is fast approaching!

With everything going on sometimes we can’t help but worry, and our worries turn into anxiety, and before we know it, we can’t control our worries or anxieties, and our thoughts turn into a tangled web of lies and chaos. Where we become overthinkers and we seem to fall apart.

So how can we stop or control worrying?

We have to take in consideration if the worry we’re worried about, is it in our control to fix or change it? Can I ask for support or advice around the worry? Is there a specialist that I could ask for guidance?

By talking things through with someone you trust and confined in, they may also have a solution.

It is easier said than done to not worry about any situation you maybe in, I have found recently that finding the positive in a difficult or bad situation can help ease a worrying mind. How on EARTH do I do that? You ask.

It all comes down to staying in the moment and concentrating on the things that are controllable.

Stop what you’re doing.

Take a deep breath.

Say something nice about yourself or the situation.

“I am safe.”

”Nothing bad is going to happen.”

“This situation I am in now can’t break me.”

“I am strong and capable.”

“I release the situation and I refuse to stress over it.”

Take another deep breath.

Say that all is well.

Do something else to distract you from thinking about the worry, like making a cup of tea or going for a walk.

Finding tools and techniques to distract your mind and keep doing these exercises, you will soon find that your worries aren’t making you anxious or you’ll find that they are not controlling your thoughts.

Have you heard of the 3 3 3 anxiety rule?

This distracts your mind and you have to focus on three things.

What 3 things I can see right now? Describe in detail out loud what the three objects are, what colour are the objects? What do all 3 objects feel and sound like. Even spell the word of the 3 objects and see if they rhyme with other words!

This should take as long as you need, 20-30 minutes will be fine. Then moving on to what 3 sounds can you hear and describe each sound. This should take less than 10 minutes, if you run over that’s okay.

Then moving on to what 3 things you can touch, what does it feel like, is it rough, is it soft or hard? Again describing the textures of all three objects, this can take up to 15 minutes lessor more time is fine.

This is another great way at keeping yourself calm and distracted.

By practicing these techniques we can overtime overcome the challenges of anxiety.

As the saying goes practice makes perfect, but we aren’t perfect so we can practice to become better, better at being who we are.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year for when it comes, enjoy the festivities and remember to keep practicing! You are doing great!

All the best Mell


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